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Water Activities

With two ocean and high mountains covered by lush jungle, Costa Rica is a water country par excellence. From the clouds, this elementary factor of life runs down the slopes, bringing on its course the essence for vegetation and wildlife, but also curves relief in amazing streams, rivers and waterfalls, until swamps, and mangroves feeding the ocean. Adventurers find here all what they need for an adrenaline rush, discovery of the wild and just the pleasure of feeling wet in a hot climate.

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On land activities

Costa Ballena starts from the mountain ridge at about 3000 ft, and goes down across primary forest and some agriculture land until the ocean, where the coastline varies from long sandy beaches, to little creeks, to high cliffs and caves. Tekoa Resort selects for you the best ways to discover each corner of this land with different options adapted to your needs.

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In the sky activities

Flying, the human dream became reality a long time ago and it’s often the only way to see our paradise like the tropical macaw. The first step is taking in the higher elevation of the tree canopy to discover another world, owned by monkeys, birds and epiphytic plants. For others, with one little step the paraglide or ultra-light will give you the feeling of flying with the eagle, smooth and fast.

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Options in your home

During your stay at Tekoa Resort, everything around you will be beautiful and relaxing as your home. But you can do better by bring wellness into the home as well: a personal chef could cook for you exotic and traditional meals with the best tropical products; professional healers can come to you to tend to your body while your mind is already resting.

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